Saturday, September 20, 2008

~~~What A day~~~

this morning i rush to the replacement class
it suppose to be at 9a.m
but i woke up at 8.55a.m in the morning
i took a shower and put on some clothes
then, "vrrroooommm" to the class
when i reached there, only 2 boys [out of 20 i guess]
were really attended the class
"aahhh" i knew it already
who else wanna come at Saturday morning
but as i was already there,
so, i just sit and listen to the presentation
with sleepy eyes and heavy head
i don't care

and when the class had over
i went to the post office
as Nani ask me to post a couple of 'Kad Raya'
and 'alang2' i was at the post office
i text Bob, telling him i was in my way to his house
i had quite heavy conversation with him
guess what?? about the politics phenomenon in Malaysia
haha, pandai jugak aku ni berpolitik ye...
around twelve, my eyes get heavier
i fell asleep on Bob's matress
He only woke me up at 1.35,
for Zuhur
after solat, i went back to my home,
still...with heavy head
i dun know that it was a sign of getting a fever
i just ignored it
i turned on the laptop
read some newspapers online

after break my fasting,
my head are getting heavier
felt like a tonne of bricks are on my head
i cannot take it anymore
at 9.15p.m i decide to get some sleep
but i only manage to sleep until 10.45p.m
there was so many mosquitoes around...
really tension.
i woke up
turn on the laptop
in few minutes,
Bo turn up to my room
we ate John Breads aka 'Roti John...< ----- guess whose term is this? huhu
after that, i sit back infront of the laptop
and decide to write something in my blog.

here it is..
what a scrappy thing...
i wrote this still with a tonne of bricks on my head
i just want to get back to sleep but the mosquitoes......
aaahhh... i hate them
usually they are not there
why only tonite they 'bermaharajalela'??
poor me...
to the mosquitoes,
i hope you read this....
Go suck another person's blood!!!
leave me alone!!!
huhu... ok la...
i want to continue the 'TASK' that i need to complete
the more i wrote, the more things get worst

if you cannot understand what i wrote,
because it suppose to be like that...



aby said...

yes!!kelas tmp yg besh~~~

Feedo said... la sgt...

zaza/nita said...

x tau nk comment per. fido sruh sy komen. sy pun komen r. tada~~~

Feedo said... zaza ye...xperlu terlalu jujur...haha

z@z@ said...

eh eh... mana de jujur. boring r wat lesson plan.....

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